Artist Statement

My work, primarily aims to be a contemplation on life, death and the human condition.


Whilst my large works on waste wood allude strongly to death via the intimate study of small creatures that have lived and died on the periphery of our lives, my work depicting people, speak more about the human spirit and what it means to be alive and interactive with the world and all that is in it.


There is an undercurrent of enquiry present in all my work, which I feel conveys a certain sensibility and perhaps reflects our pre-occupation with the need to find meaning in our lives before facing the inevitability of death.


I am interested in parallels and the subtle interplay between what we perceive as ugly or beautiful, weak or strong, important or unimportant.


The subject matter I work with can certainly be challenging, thought provoking and emotive but hopefully, passion, beauty and meaning can be found in the fragility of it’s spirit.